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When you have Brad K. Hodgins Attorney at Law as your criminal defense lawyer, know that you’ve made the right decision. Your case will get the personalized attention it deserves from the perspective of an experienced defense attorney. Do not let a lack of knowledge put you in a situation you cannot get out of. Let Brad K. Hodgins assist with your case evaluation, court representation and sentence negotiations. Brad can provide legal services for all criminal charges including breaking and entering cases, burglaries and robberies, drug charges, and misdemeanor and felonious assaults. As your lawyer he will make motions for bond reducti0n to restore your liberty pending disposition of your charges. You can rest assured that once you walk into our law office in Wadesboro, North Carolina, your case will be in expert hands.

Criminal Defense

Drug Trafficking & Possession

When you are charged with trafficking drugs and drug possession, you not only have to worry about whether or not you get convicted, but how it will reflect on your record as well. Brad K. Hodgins will assist you in filing motions and offer you legal guidance in order to minimize the damage done to your name.

Assault & Other Charges

For all cases, Brad K. Hodgins Attorney at Law evaluates the case and discusses the available options with you for your trial.  Brad evaluates evidence and charges, possible and likely trial outcomes, and finally, provides recommendations regarding each step. Whatever your charge, Brad is capable and willing to help.

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