Traffic Defense Lawyer in Wadesboro, North Carolina

Few things are more unsettling than seeing that flashing light in your rear view-mirror, or facing a police officer at your door with a warrant for your arrest. Brad K. Hodgins Attorney at Law in Wadesboro, North Carolina understands this and provides personalized, expert legal guidance for your case as your criminal defense attorney. He will research, plan, and oversee your case personally from the perspective of a legal expert. He understands the virtue of dealing diplomatically with the officers and district attorneys, but as your lawyer stands ready to fight zealously for your rights.

Traffic Tickets

Defending You in Traffic Tickets

Paying off a speeding ticket without coming to court or an Attorney’s assistance may raise your insurance costs or even suspend your North Carolina Driver’s License, so for traffic tickets, an attorney can be essential.

Brad also handles your older tickets which may be all that prevents you from obtaining or renewing your Driver’s License. For DWI/DUI cases, he discusses the entire process with you.

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